Do you have a heart for the woman in a crisis pregnancy? Do you have a heart for the unborn baby? Do you have a heart for the forever families that are waiting to welcome a precious baby into their heart and homes? If so, would you come alongside of OptionAdoption? For OptionAdoption to impact women in crisis pregnancies, we need your support. 

The ministry exists through the passion and generosity of individuals who care deeply about our vision. We are able to make a difference because of people like you.

Become an OptionAdoption Ambassador:


As an Ambassador, your monthly support will enable us to continue our ongoing work, which includes educational and counseling resources, training materials, and general operations. Our vision is to radically change the lives of the abortion minded by offering them love and support to make one of the most important decisions of their life, and it's because of Ambassadors that we can reach the abortion minded in local, national and worldwide communities.

We have ongoing costs of developing, updating, and managing the training and certification of our OptionAdoption Sidewalk Counselors. We have ongoing needs of developing short videos to inform mothers and fathers facing an unintended pregnancy about adoption. These video clips will include testimonials from abortion-minded women who chose to give life to their unborn baby through the option of adoption, testimonials from adoptive families, and other adoption information that is critical when making the decision of how to handle an unintended pregnancy. Finally, OptionAdoption is continually creating educational tools to be used to inform individuals about adoption. These tools include Bible studies, seminars, training sessions, conference table resources, informative brochures, and other such materials.


Option Adoption is a ministry partnership with ABBA Fund, which has provided more than $4.8 million in financial assistance to help make adoptions possible since 2004.  The ABBA Fund team provides guidance and financial accountability to our ministry operations.