Do you have a heart for the woman in a crisis pregnancy? Do you have a heart for theunborn baby? Do you have a heart for the forever families that are waiting to welcome a precious baby into their heart and homes? If so, would you come alongside of OptionAdoption? For OptionAdoption to impact women in crisis pregnancies, we need your support. This ministry exists through the prayers and financial support of people just like you.

You can choose to have your tax deductible donation be allocated to any of the following:

“Sidewalk Talks” Training Video Series
OptionAdoption Information Videos
OptionAdoption Website Maintenance

Our goal is to equip individuals who have a heart for women in crisis to be able to speak truth and love to them on the sidewalks outside of abortion clinics. These individuals are not protestors, but peer counselors whose main goal is to show the love of Jesus by offering them the truth of adoption as a viable option to an unwanted pregnancy. For such individuals to be equipped to counsel these women in crisis, we have  video series in which they must view to be “certified” to represent OptionAdoption on the sidewalks . We have ongoing costs of developing, updating, and managing the training and certification of our OptionAdoption Sidewalk Ambassadors.

We have ongoing needs of developing short videos to inform birthmothers and fathers about adoption. These video clips will include testimonials from abortion-minded women who chose to give life to their unborn baby through the option of adoption, testimonials from forever families that have adopted, and other adoption information that is critical when making the decision of how to handle an unwanted pregnancy.

Our website will have regularly updated short testimonial videos from birthmothers, adoptive families, and Sidewalk Ambassadors. We need your support in making these video clips happen. Not only will these videos be vital in the continued growth of OptionAdoption, but they are a testimony to the world about the difference OptionAdoption can make in their own life.

Adopt an OptionAdoption Sidewalk Ambassador team
Adopt an OptionAdoption Birthmother:
OptionAdoption Educational Resources

Six days a week we have Sidewalk Ambassadors on the sidewalks outside of abortion clinics across America. These teams are often times the last contact that an abortion-minded woman will have to hear about the truth of abortion and adoption before they make their decision of life or death for their unborn babies. When you adopt a Sidewalk Ambassador team you will have the opportunity to not only supply them with tools to minister effectively, but also to come alongside of them to pray for their team and receive updates on their ministry.

Sidewalk Ambassador team’s need the appropriate equipment to effectively represent the option of adoption. These needs include a handheld tablet and bluetooth speakers to show the abortion-minded individual the OptionAdoption information videos.

Do you have a heart for these brave young women who have chosen to place their precious babies into the arms of a forever family? If so, then Adopting an Option Adoption birthmother is right for you. When you adopt a birthmother you will have the opportunity:

  • To have access to her personal profile page where she will list her prayer requests and her journey. This is one of the most life-changing journey’s a woman can walk and she will be comforted by the knowledge of a prayer warrior that prays on her behalf. *We will maintain the privacy of these birthmother’s by supplying them an OptionAdoption name.
  • To bless her and her unborn baby with matching OptionAdoption Life Bears. These teddy bears are adorned with a beautiful ribbon and charm to commemorate this momentous day when the birthmother places her baby into the arms of a forever family. This will be a token that will be cherished by both birthmother and adopted child for a lifetime.

OptionAdoption is continually creating educational tools to be used to inform individuals about adoption. These tools include Bible studies, seminars, training sessions, conference table resources, informative brochures, and other such materials.