Adoption Statistics (VIDEO)

Check out our very first video to learn more about how you can get involved!

Believing that they only have two options, to parent or abort, only 2% of abortion minded women choose adoption over abortion. Abortion is FINAL. Adoption, is a new beginning. Our mission, is to offer another option, the option of Adoption, to the list of choices when facing an unplanned pregnancy.

"Fondue & Frappé..a festive soirée" - TONIGHT!

An evening of holiday frivolity and meaningful reflection.

Tonight, Tuesday December 9, we have been chosen as Illumination Choir's community partner. This also marks the night for our public unveiling! Come stop by and say hello to our founders and learn more about our work. 

Join us for a night of Christmas Celebration, warm chocolate, cold caffeine, and measurable good  Tickets are available online, from a cast member, or at the door. Be our guest!

Pictures to follow tomorrow!